High flying films, liners, and vinyl help get the aerospace industry off the ground.


  • High temperature engineered films
  • High temperature bonding films
  • Silicone release liners
  • Performance tapes
  • Masking film and papers
  • Decorative vinyl decals

From Construction to Customization...

From part installation to visual branding, The Griff Network has solutions for many aerospace products. Engineered and bonding films help secure parts and materials inside and outside of aircraft. Masking films and papers help with painting and finishing the exterior and signage. Decorative vinyl decals help bring personality to any aircraft, and our release paper and liners make application a breeze.

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Casting Liners are available with both paper and film bases on a variety of different coatings with a low transfer and low extractable release.
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Hard Coating films offer an excellent transparency with low haze characteristics, keeping the quality high on a number of different surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal, and more!
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