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Griff Decorative Films provides a vast range of custom graphic and writable films through our various capabilities. Our films are made out of 100% phthalate-free, eco-friendly PVC. With options such as iridescent, metal, holographic, lens, transparent, opaque films, and color matching, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, these graphic and decorative films possess the ability to be printed on through a variety of printing methods including UV, Latex, and (Eco)Solvent. Click on one of our many products below to learn more about how Griff Decorative Films can add “WOW” to your business’s next new product. 

Our decorative films have been used in a wide range of products. Griff Decorative Films can also be seen on the sets of television programs, such as Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right, and Dancing with the Stars.

Extrusion Capabilities

  • Our machines can extrude transparent clear or colored PVC and Polycarbonate with a 35″ finish
  • 30″ & 38″ Width Dies
  • Thicknesses between 2mil – 9mil
  • 24″ x 300′ Rolls Standard (Longer rolls available upon request)
  • Full color matching ability

Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Retail
  • Graphic
  • Signage
  •  Printing
  • Private Label
  • Point-Of-Sale 
  • Packaging
  •  And More!

Applying Vinyl Film: 

    • Optimal temperature for the application of our films is 70 degrees F
    • Pressure sensitive vinyls may resist sticking immediately to very cold surfaces
    • Do not apply wet. The warranty is voided for wet applications. 
    • Apply only to clean smooth nonporous surfaces

Preventing Edge Curl

    • Cut a lborder around images printed with solvent or ecosolvent
    • Edge sealing is recommended using a finetip brush paint the edges of the film with a commercial grade product


    • Outdoor durability will vary depending on finishing and exterior conditions. Use of a UV protective clear coat or over laminate film will extend the outdoor durability. Current rating is up to 5 years pending on environment

Plotter Cutting

    • Use a sharp 45 degree blade at slow cutting speeds with swivel type of cutters. Optimal cutting pressures vary depending on plotter type and blade sharpness. Typical pressure is between 135 grams and 165 grams. Never cut into the printed image


    • Water based inks will not adhere properly. Use only UV inks. Use lower temperatures 
    • High printer temperature settings can cause the film to expand and contract resulting in tunneling on the release liner. Heavy concentrations of ink, especially ecosolvent inks, will contribute to shrinking and edge curl.
Adhesive Information

Adhesive used on Griff Decorative Films special effect film products is a permanent type pressure sensitive, water clear, non-toxic acrylic. 

Adhesive Thickness: 0.9 +/- 0.1 mil (0.0009 +/-0.0001”) 

Adhesive Type: Permanent type Acrylic #123 

Adhesive Properties: PSTC-1 180º Peel 1.9 lb/inch 

PSTC-7 Shear Resistance 1” x 1” x 1000 grams 63.0 Hrs. 

Loop Tack – 2.7 Lb/inch 


“Prime” Griff films are coated with a permanent acrylic 123 adhesive for a wide variety of surfaces. This adhesive  provides excellent bonding to metal, paper, board, polyester, polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate, etc. Our adhesive is water clear  and resistant to discoloration. 

For maximum adhesive performance Griff Decorative Films recommends application of product (shelf-life) within two  years of manufacturing; however time spans in excess of three years have been reported with no noticeable decay in adhesion  properties. 

If Griff’s adhesive is to be removed the following solutions are suggested: d-limonene, Xylene (Xylol) and denatured alcohol.

Caution: Test above solutions on a small unnoticeable portion of the surface to be sure there are no detrimental effects.

Note: All data indicated represents typical values only and are not specifications.

Typical Griff Decorative Films PVC Base Film Values
 Typical Griff Decorative Films PVC Base Film Values 
Griff PVC films are provided in a standard thickness of 3 mil (76 microns) and in various widths and  lengths.   

Specific Gravity D-792 NA 1.32
Tensile Yield Strength* D-638 psi 7,900
Tensile Modulus* D-638 psi 380,000
Izod Notch Impact* D-256 ft.-lb./in. 1.0
Flexural Modulus* D-790 psi 410,000
Flexural Yield Strength* D-790 psi 13,500
DTUL at 264 psi (18.5 kg/cm2)* D-648 degrees Fahrenheit 154
*Using 0.125” Test Specimen

Most printing techniques do not require any surface treatment including screen printing,  Ecosolve ink jet,UV curable ink, thermal transfer, hot foil stamping, applying other PS adhesives, flexo  printing and offset printing are routinely conducted on Griff products as supplied.
Water based ink jet  is not recommended.
As always, it is suggested the decorating technique be tested for suitability. 

All of Griff’s offerings are available in an outdoor durable version with a life span of up to 3 to 5 years depending on application. Griff’s Fluorescent colors should be used for short-term exterior  application of 6 months or less. Exceptionally harsh UV and wet conditions can shorten exterior life.  Interior durability can be considered long-term for most applications.  

Rigid PVC films are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohol. In general,  aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters will cause swelling.
Manufacturer's Warranty

Published material and information concerning Griff’s products are based upon research which the Company believes to be reliable, but such material and information does not constitute warranty. Because of the variety of possible uses for Griff’s products and the continuing development  of new uses, the Buyer should carefully consider the fitness and performance of the product for each intended use and Buyer assumes all risks in connection with such use.




A transparent overlaminating body colored film that can be applied to a spectrum of surfaces to achieve any color and finish effect you desire for packaging, signage, and displays.
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Carbon Fiber is a mainstay of the marine and auto body finishing business. Now you can achieve the look of this sophisticated industrial fabric with the cost effectiveness of PVC film.
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Our Textured Fine Brush and Textured Coarse Brush films create a stunning brushed metal look.
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Griff Decorative Films Particle Film wraps your product in a sophisticated glitter giving it an awe inspiring look and a unique presentation.
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We offer two different versions, Diamond Plate® Classic for large visual applications, and Diamond Plate® Mini or Diamond Plate® Mini Holographic for small close-up visual applications.
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Our paper-thin PVC film is coated in a solvent-less, environmentally-friendly material, making a non-porous surface that holds markings and erases cleanly.
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Griff’s Sure-Step Floor Graphic Film is a slip resistant, indoor and outdoor matte white self adhesive vinyl film for interior and exterior floor advertising graphic signage.
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Griff Decorative Films unique take on the fresnel lens design creates a fascinating 3-D effect, reflecting images even when viewed from an angle.
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Polychrome decorative finish provides the brilliant metallic finish of chrome within a versatile film perfect for many applications.
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Chalkboard vinyl creates an instantaneous surface to write on and can be cut down to suit any shape or size.
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